Charlie has grown up with music in her life with a loving family who love it as much as she does and has always been involved from an early age with school choirs and shows and also local talent competitions, she loves her music but also acting is something Charlie is very fond of and is something she likes to get involved in when possible through extra work and plays.

For some time Charlie moved to London and worked in an Entertainment Law Firm during the week and at the weekends would audition for different girl groups or bands. After some time out from auditioning Charlie decided to get back on track and audioned to work for a travel company as an entertainer which gained her alot of experience in performance.

When back in the UK she decided to purchase her own PA System and get local gigs in the pubs and clubs singing to backing tracks after a while she then put a 60′s tribute show together with a close friend called The Carnaby Girls.

Throughout trying to earn a living from singing Charlie has always wanted to have her own career in music with not playing any instruments she felt this was a disadvantage but has always enjoyed writing storys and lyrics for songs seem to come easily. Since then she has found people to collaborate with which has been a real help developing her skills as a writer and since working with James Hancock in 2009 has now helped write and record tracks for the music act RUBIX. Charlie has also featured on 2 of The Parents tracks ( and hopes to work again with the boys in 2013.

Currently based in Ibiza, Charlie Starr is writing and performing live acoustic sets of her music and covers during the day in beach bars over the island and during the night continues to put on a show by Tributing the late Amy Winehouse and also the strange but wonderful talent that is Lady Gaga. To find out more about the tribute shows and any other produtions Charlie Starr is involved in, go to


















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